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11/06/2014 - Mozambican government plans to grant road concessions to private companies

Mozambican government plans to grant road concessions to private companies

The Mozambican government plans to hand over sections of the national road network as concessions to private companies by the end of the year, The Mozambican Public Works Minister, Cadmiel Muthemba said recently. In January the minister announced that the Matola-Boane, Marracuene-Lindela, Nampula-Nacala, Vanduzi-Changara and Monapo-Ilha de Moçambique sections of road were identified as priorities to be handed over to private management in order to ensure the roads are maintained. So far only one section of road in Mozambique has been granted as a concession and is now a toll road, the Maputo-South Africa road or National Road 4, operated by South African company Trans Africa Concessions (TRAC). At the end of a meeting of the Ministry’s Coordination Council held Friday, Nuthemba mentioned those sections of road again as future concessions and along which tolls would be charged in the future. The minister noted that over the last five years 1,500 kilometres of roads had been paved with asphalt, as well as 19,000 kilometres of road per year receiving maintenance work, but added that the difficulties the sector is facing could be overcome with involvement of the private sector. The Public Works Minister also noted the need to establish public-private partnerships (PPPs) exclusively involving Mozambican companies based on the “user-payer” concept.


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