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WTO, accordi regionali e aliquote tariffarie (EGITTO)

Anno di accesso al WTO1995
Accordi regionali notificati al WTO (numero)6
Fonte: Elaborazioni Ambasciata d'Italia su dati WTO

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Barriere tariffarie e non tariffarie

WTO, accordi regionali e aliquote tariffarie (EGITTO)

2010Committee on Regional Trade Agreements - Notification of Regional Trade Agreement - The Arab Republic of Egypt and the EFTA States - Addendum
Notification of the entry into force of Decision No. 2 of 2008 of the Joint EFTA-Egypt Committee, concerning amendments to Annex IV, regarding abolition of customs duties and charges having equivalent effect on imports between Egypt and the EFTA States.
2007Committee on Regional Trade Agreements - Notification of Regional Trade Agreement - The Arab Republic of Egypt and the EFTA States
Brief description of the Agreement: The Agreement covers trade in industrial products, including fish and other marine products, and processed agricultural products. In addition, individual EFTA States and Egypt concluded bilateral agreements on basic agricultural products, which form part of the instruments creating the free trade area. [...] Date of entry into Force: 1 August 2007.
2007Agadir Agreement
On 2004, Egypt signed a free trade agreement with three Arab-Mediterranean countries: Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia. The so-called Agadir Agreement took effect on 2007, and was notified to the WTO in February 2016.13 On 27 March 2017, a meeting of the Committee of Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Member States of the Agadir Agreement was held in Amman, Jordan, in which the accession of Palestine and Lebanon to the Agreement was agreed provided that the applicable accession procedures were concluded pursuant to the provisions stipulated in the Accession Protocol of the Agadir Agreement.
The Association Agreement between the European Community and the Arab Republic of Egypt, which was signed on 25 June 2001, entered into force on 1 June 2004.
1998Pan-Arab Free Trade Area
Egypt is a party to the agreement, effective January 1998, creating the Pan-Arab Free Trade Area (PAFTA), the implementation of which was completed in 2005. The PAFTA was notified to the WTO under GATT Article XXIV, in October 2006. This agreement covers only goods originating in and coming directly from 18 Arab countries. The principal entity responsible for implementing it is the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League.
1998Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)
COMESA aims to deepen and expand the integration process for its 19 member countries by adopting general measures to liberalize trade. These include: the removal of all tariff and non-tariff barriers and the adoption of a common external tariff; free movement of capital, labour and goods, and the right of establishment in the region; the adoption of a common set of standards, technical, quality control procedures, certification systems, and sanitary regulations; tax harmonization. COMESA was notified to the WTO under the Enabling Clause, in June 1995.
Egypt became a member of COMESA in 1998.