09/12/2014 - Global Logistic Center for Grain in Damietta

Global Logistic Center for Grain in Damietta

Global Logistic Center for the Trade, Handling and Processing of Cereals and Grains – Damietta
Global trade in cereals and grains markets represents less than 15% of total world production. Egypt, Arab World and Africa “south of the desert” needs, represent a large percentage of this trade “around 15 – 20 %” most of it via marine. The project aims at turning Arab Republic of Egypt into a global logistic hub for handling, storage, processing and value-added activities, related to grains including “ processing, packing and packaging “, of cereals, oil-producing seeds, refining unrefined oils and raw sugar and other food commodities of strategic nature. Damietta port enjoys high competitive advantages (location, equipment, infra-structure and the possibility of utilizing different means of transportation. The port is also connected in a direct way to most commodities producing and exporting countries in Mediterranean Basin, Black Sea, and North America as well as consuming and storing countries in Mediterranean Basin. The connecting transportation network to and from the port is multi-modal in terms of Marine linkage regionally and globally. Internal river linkage, to 15 governorates adjacent to the River Nile as far as Sudan Republic. Railway linkage to all Egyptian governorates and Arab Countries, according to linkage scheme. Road linkage to all coastal countries, east and west via international roads.

Damietta Grain Logistic Center Proposed Schematic program: The project aims at preparing the general scheme and technical feasibility study, with a total land area of three million square meters and a total capacity of more than 65 Million Tons Annually, the Center comprises the following activities: 1- Receiving and handling of incoming grains and cereals (wheat, corn, Soy Beans) from producing countries. 2- Storage of grains and cereals in modern silos and fiber-glass domes. 3- Establishing value-added industries through processing of grains and cereals to serve local and international markets, with a total production volume of around 7.5 Million Tons Annually, divided between four modern industrial areas linked directly to marine quays silos.


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